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Discrete, Powerful Behind the Ear


The Eva is a highly miniaturized behind-the-ear hearing solution for mild to severe hearing loss in women (18+). Eva’s sound processing is tailored to treat distinct hearing loss patterns experienced by women and its slim, compact design ensures secure fit to help maintain an active lifestyle. Eva is not recommended for profound hearing loss. 

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*Requires purchase of a pair of hearing devices. $449/device for single device purchase.

Slim, compact design for inconspicuous wear

Conventional Hearing Aid


What to Expect from your Eva device

Topics include:

  • Managing out-of-the-box hearing expectations
  • Adjusting to your own voice
  • Tips to speed up the adaptation process
  • What to Expect by the end of the 30-day trial period

Features & Benefits

  • Telecoil for wireless audio reception available by most phones and in venues such as churches and theaters
  • Online tools to program custom settings based on your personal preferences
  • High Fidelity 20-bit Digital Audio Processing
  • Adaptive Feedback Cancellation
  • 4-Channel Wide Dynamic Range Compression
  • Digital Ambient Noise Suppression
  • Low Battery Indicator
  • Nano-technology for moisture protection of internal and external components
  • Low-profile design ensures a secure fit in the ear for maintaining an active lifestyle, including working, exercise and even swimming
  • Slim, compact form in 3 color options: Beige, Gray, Red
  • 2-month supply of batteries
  • 1-month supply of assorted Ear Tips
  • Sport lock for extra secure fit and easier removal of Eva device
  • 30 day money back guarantee*
  • 30-day professional support by hearing care specialists
  • Unlimited technical support
  • Limited 1-Year Warranty

*Restocking fees may apply. See terms and conditions for more details.


Important notice: 
A hearing device can improve your hearing in many listening situations, but not necessarily in all situations, nor is it likely to restore normal hearing. To get the full benefit of a hearing device, the hearing device needs to be adjusted for your individual hearing ability. Hearing adaptation with a new hearing device takes time. Frequent use of the device often leads to an improved hearing experience over time.
Customer Support is available for assistance before and after your purchase: 1 (844) 443-2744 or support@ihearmedical.com. 

Programming Options - The Choice is Yours

Customize Eva at Home ($149)

Eva’s sound processing is tailored to women’s hearing loss patterns and customized by a proprietary process of streaming audio to the hearing aid and interactively assessing your response to simulated “real-life” sounds using the Eva Programming Kit and the iHTUNER software application. Using these interactive tools, you can adjust the hearing aid based on perceptions for loudness, speech clarity and intelligibility for male and female voices, as well as music. You can also use the QuickSet feature within iHTUNER to program you hearing device in minutes using your iHearTest results. To customize the device's settings, you will need to purchase the Eva Programming Kit.

Device Pre-Programming Service

Complimentary ($99 value)

By ordering this special service, your iHEAR hearing device (iHEARHD, iHEARMAX, or iHEAREVA) will arrive pre-programmed with your hearing aid settings for an amazing out-of-the-box experience. The customization is performed by one of our licensed hearing professionals based on your audiogram or iHearTest results.

You must submit an audiogram or take the iHearTest within 14 days of purchase and notify Customer Support at support@ihearmedical.com or 1 (844) 443-274 or device will ship without pre-programming.

Eva Programming Kit

One-time purchase ($149) is recommended to customize Eva's device settings at home.

  1. iHearUSB Programmer Required to program your hearing device. The iHearUSB is part of the iHearTest Kit (included in the Programming Kit) which tests your hearing ability from the comfort of your home. All you need is a personal computer with an Internet connection.
  2. Programming Cable Required with the iHearUSB to program your iHEAR device.
  3. Travel Case Holds your hearing device and essential supplies when you're traveling.

*Two hearing test credits included for up to two users. Additional test credits for up to five users may be purchased from online store.

ihear-earpingHaving problems setting up your device? No problem.

EarPiNG is a telehealth service developed by iHEAR to remotely assist you in customizing your hearing aids. Our hearing professionals will ping your hearing aid anywhere over the Internet to adjust the settings. Chat online or by phone to interactively optimize your web-enabled hearing aid.

EarPiNG is offered complimentary for 30 days from the date of hearing aid purchase. You may extend this service by enrolling in the 1-year Professional Support premium plan at the time of purchase. To use EarPiNG, you will need the Eva Programming Kit.

Supplies & Accessories (Sold Separately)

iHEAR Sport Lock (Pair)

  • Adds extra support to your hearing device
  • Helps keep the hearing device from coming out of your ear
  • Assists in making the hearing device easier to remove

See how the iHEAR Sport Lock attaches to the device.

 It will take about a week of daily wear for the lock to form to your ear.

Eva Ear Tip Pack (2 Pack)

  • For use with Eva or iHEARMAX device
  • Replace every 30 days for best performance and hygiene
  • **1-month supply of assorted tip sizes included with device purchase 
  • **Try on the included tip sizes to determine which size fits you best before you order more tips, which are available for purchase through our online store

Eva Battery Pack (6 Pack)

  • For use with the Eva or iHEARMAX device
  • Size 312
  • Lasts about 12 days depending on daily use
  • **2-month supply of batteries included with device purchase
  • **Available for purchase through our online store and at most drugstores

Upgrade Options

1 Year Loss & Damage Protection Plan $49

Put your mind at ease with Loss & Damage Protection Plan for your hearing devices. Under this Plan, iHear will provide a one-time replacement of your hearing device if has been lost or accidentally damaged. The $49 fee ($98 for a pair) covers any iHEAR hearing device (iHEARHD, iHEARMAX, or iHEAREVA). This plan is refundable within the 30 day trial period of the hearing device. This plan must be selected at the initial purchase of the hearing device, or within 14 days of initial purchase. Click here for details about the Hearing Device Loss & Damage Protection Plan. This coverage is in addition to the iHear warranty, which covers the hearing device for defects within one year of shipment.

1 Year Unlimited Professional Support $99 -

Premium Upgrade


The Premium Upgrade offers 1 year unlimited professional support by our licensed hearing professionals to help you fine tune or optimize your hearing experience for up to two iHEAR devices. It includes EarPiNG (Remote Programming by a hearing professional). The plan is fully refundable along with your hearing device within the 30 day trial period. This plan must be selected at the initial purchase of the hearing device.

Computer & Software Requirements:

The iHEAR Software Applications support Windows and MAC operating systems.

For the most up-to-date computer and software compatibility information, click here.

We currently do not support tablets or smart phones. 

Warranty Information

iHear Medical, Inc. Limited One Year Warranty

This warranty is extended to the original purchaser of the hearing device and covers defects in material and workmanship for a period of one year from the date of shipment of the device.

If the device contains a defect in material or workmanship, iHear Medical, Inc., at its option will repair or replace the device at no charge except for transportation to and from the point of service. It is the purchaser’s responsibility to return the device directly to iHear Medical, Inc. after receiving authorization to return.

This warranty does not cover breakage or failure due to tampering, misuse, carelessness, improper maintenance, excessive wax build-up, accidents, liquid exposure or modification. The warranty is void if the device is repaired by anyone other than iHear Medical, Inc.

Contraindications for Use

The following conditions contraindicate the use of a hearing device. If you know or suspect you have the following conditions, you must consult with a physician who will need to provide medical clearance before using a hearing device.

  • Visible deformity of the ear
  • Current ear infection
  • History of active drainage from the ear within the past 90 days
  • Sudden or rapid progression of hearing loss within the past 90 days in one or both ears
  • Acute or chronic dizziness
  • Visible evidence of significant cerumen (ear wax) accumulation or a foreign body in the ear canal
  • Pain or discomfort in the ear
  • Fluctuating hearing sensitivity
  • Sudden onset or rapid worsening of tinnitus within the past 90 days
  • History of conductive or mixed hearing loss or ear surgery

Important Notice to Prospective Buyers

The iHEAR hearing aid is intended for adults who need hearing enhancement and are not to be worn by individuals under the age of 18. The Food and Drug Administration has determined that it is in your best health interest to have a medical evaluation by a licensed physician (preferably a physician who specializes in diseases of the ear) before purchasing a hearing aid. The purpose of a medical evaluation is to assure that all medically treatable conditions that may affect hearing are identified and treated before a hearing aid is purchased. Following the medical evaluation, the physician can give you a written statement (medical clearance) that states that your hearing health has been evaluated and that you may be considered a candidate for a hearing aid. The physician may refer you to an audiologist or a hearing aid dispenser, for a hearing aid evaluation. You may also send (by mail, fax, or e-mail) the signed medical clearance to iHear Medical for the purpose of purchasing a hearing aid. Federal law restricts the sale of hearing aids to those individuals who have obtained a medical evaluation from a licensed physician. Federal law also permits a fully informed adult to sign a medical waiver statement declining the medical evaluation. The exercise of such a waiver is not in your best health interest and its use is discouraged. iHear Medical will not sell a hearing device to you unless you either (1) obtain a signed medical clearance, or (2) review and accept the medical waiver statement.

VIP Care Packages